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Gab April 22, 2005 20:29

Interface connection

I have a question about interface connection. If one side has different size with the second side,can I still set up interface connection(fluid to fluid, no movement) between them?

For example, one side is a plane, another side is also a plane but has a hole on it.



Gab April 22, 2005 20:37

Re: Interface connection
like this: -------- ------- ------------------

a small parts of the mesh are not overlapped,

Gab April 22, 2005 20:39

Re: Interface connection
Sorry, like this:



deLuther April 23, 2005 06:23

Re: Interface connection
CFX manual (and presenttions on GGI) says that you can do this - they illustrated possible use of GGI by example where to pipes are connected to flat (some side of chamber...) surface. All you need is similar resolution of both sides (nodes and elements are not matching).

Gab April 23, 2005 08:24

Re: Interface connection
Thanks,deLuther. I will do a simple test to demonstrate that.

Best regards!


Glenn Horrocks April 25, 2005 18:42

Re: Interface connection

Yes, you can do this using a GGI interface. It is recommended that the mesh be of similar size on both sides of the interface, but it can handle different sized meshes if required. This effectively is a rapid change in mesh element size and that is always challanging for the solver, but as long as your simulation is stable enough in that region it works OK.

Note that the exposed section of the interface will be treated as a slip wall. CFX 5.8 coming soon has the option of making these exposed sections no-slip walls.

Glenn Horrocks

Gab April 27, 2005 10:43

Re: Interface connection
Thanks for the infromation.


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