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Han April 26, 2005 05:02

ICEMCFD-Rotational symmetry-periodic meshes
Hello, I am relatively new to ICEMCFD, and I am modeling a rotating disc with radial channels in it. I have used tetra for first model and they ran well in CFX. I constructed a repetitive sector of the disc and used blocking for mesh, the problem is that I have no idea how to 'copy' the mesh to form the full disc... I went to BLOCKING>EDIT BLOCK>PERIODIC NODES(METHOD==CREATE), I selected two nodes and I got an error message that says 'the periodic transformation has not been set in the tetin file cannot make nodes X and Y periodic' I only want either to copy the mesh (disadvantage=large model) or use periodic features. On the other hand, I used GAMBIT and meshed one sector and copied it circularly, moved the mesh to ICEM and then to CFX but the model seems to be very very large (with several assemblies, I think in number equal to meshed volumes); I do not know if I have to construct an unique assembly in ICEM or if I have to set something in CFX (boundaries between the assemblies...) Does anyone have an idea about this to share? Thanks.



deLuther April 26, 2005 05:18

Re: ICEMCFD-Rotational symmetry-periodic meshes
Are you using OLD interface of ICEM or new? Angle and axis definition is in geometry mesh parameters dialog. I did not remember name exactly but it is in general model parameters.

Han April 26, 2005 06:48

Re: ICEMCFD-Rotational symmetry-periodic meshes
Thanks Luther. I use ICEMCFD5.1. I went back and gave a 2nd look following your advise. I found in VIEW>MIRRORS AND REPLICATES what I think I need. I will replicate the block n angular times as needed and I see what happens. I think I will have to face still with n assemblies in CFX, but I will try to construct an unique assembly in ICEM (block glueing perhaps..) before exporting to CFX in order to avoid the circumferentially 'cutting' meshes (interfaces between blocks) in the model. Thanks again,


deLuther May 3, 2005 02:38

Re: ICEMCFD-Rotational symmetry-periodic meshes
In general to setup periodic mesh in hexa (also in tetra) you need following: Old interface Form geometry tab choose Mesh params->Model and press Define periodicity button. New interface: From Mesh tab choose Global Mesh Size scroll to Options part and check Define Periodicity checkbox.

But this will only force alignment of nodes on both sides... the rest must be performed in your software.

If you wish to model entire model than you must replicate your geometry and operate with your sector. (in Old Gui this functions are located in last tab of HEXA Gui)

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