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John April 26, 2005 21:26

Restart fails, .lck appears
I'm restarting a parallel case for the third time due to our HPC queue limits. This time it fails, and a file appears:


I've parsed the CFX docs, but find no mention of this. Anyone know what the meaning of this is?

Thanks, John

Glenn Horrocks April 27, 2005 18:55

Re: Restart fails, .lck appears

CFX uses these .lck files to keep track of when a process has a file in use and locks other processes out of the file. Sometimes CFX stuffs up and forgets to delete the .lck file once it is finished with it, thus stopping all other CFX processes from using the file.

When this happens and there is no CFX process currently using the file the .lck file can be deleted manually and it should run fine.

Glenn Horrocks

jvann April 29, 2005 09:12

Re: Restart fails, .lck appears
Thanks Glenn. I tried to delete it before and still couldn't restart... so I waited awhile and it was finally agreeable.


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