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berger Sebastien May 3, 2005 07:50

FSI analysis
Hello everybody,

I am doing a training period in the Wind Energy Laboratory of Crete. I am modeling a rectangular wind blade using Fluid Solid Interaction (FSI). My FSI parameters are: Fsti=0.1 fsti:FSI end time Fsdt=0.01 fsdt:Time increment Fsit=5 fsit: maximum number of stagger iterations Fsco=1.0e-3 fsco: convergence values Fsre=0.5 fsre:relaxation values

After calculation, when I check both jobname.mntr and jobname.pfl, I don't understand how ANSYS make the FSI solution algorithm, comparing to the example in the help named MONITOR. Furthermore, the displacements of the blade are bigger and bigger at each SOLID analysis, to achieve impossible values. Does anybody have any idea to help me? I could explain what exactly are my problems….

Thank you very much anyway. Sincerely. BERGER Sebastien

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