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Tony May 3, 2005 15:52

Source point for fuel injection.

Can I inject fuel through a source point in the domain just like a boundary inlet?

I tried "Continuity" in the point source, but I didn't see fuel in CFX-post after several timesteps.

Thank you very much.

Glenn Horrocks May 3, 2005 18:31

Re: Source point for fuel injection.

How have you set your fuel model up? Is it single phase, multiphase, particle/droplets or what? Are you sure you have set your fuel model correctly, and correctly specified it at the source point?

Regards, Glenn Horrocks

Tony May 4, 2005 09:02

Re: Source point for fuel injection.
Thanks for your reply, Glenn.

I added this source point into my existing worked simulation, which has a single phase combustion model using EDM. This source point is to simulate a fuel injection port in the combustor. I don't want to have complex mesh so a source point would be better.

T want fuel to be injected through this source point at a fixed mass flow rate, say: 0.0002 kg/s. After specifing a fixed value(0.0002kg/s) for "total mass source", I also use "sink" option to set the species mass fraction values, turbulence parameter values, and X-direction velocity(10m/s).

My questions: 1. What's the relation between the total mass source and the velocity value in the "continuity" option.

2. To maintain a fixed mass flow rate at this point, what should I do?

Thanks again.

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