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LR May 10, 2005 17:36

Design Modeler crash

I'm trying to run CFX5.7.1 on a Pentium PC, with windows XP/SP2. The Workbench loads OK, but when I start sketching in Design Modeler (DM), at the click of certain functions, the DM crashes. For instance: when trying to set the diameter dimension of a circle, when trying to extrude around an axis, when using INCHES in the Options, and, I suppose, that it also will happen with some other commands.

I've already installed the SP for WB and for CFX5.7.1 and the problem is still there.

Did it happen to anybody before? How do I solve it?

Any hints will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance,

LR p.s.: I could manage to avoid the crash with the INCHES option, by changing 6 to 10 in the min axis length option. But, I don't know how to solve the other crashes

Jian May 11, 2005 13:35

Re: Design Modeler crash
That happened before on my computer, but after I reinstall the software, it never happened again. But I guess that error may caused by lisence problem. So Check your license first.



LR May 11, 2005 15:41

Re: Design Modeler crash
Thanks Jian. The license looks OK, but I'll try to reinstall to see what happens. Thanks,


LR May 13, 2005 19:52

Re: Design Modeler crash

Just for the base of knowledge of this list: I could fix the problem. To solve the problem I had to adjust the Hardware Acceleration setting of my video card (ATI RADEON 7000 IGP) in the display-advance-troubleshooting menu. It was at maximum level by default, and setting it to the second level from left to right, fixed the incompatibility immediately. I hope it helps somebody else in the same trouble with these newer hardaware.

Thanks to ESSS-Brasil and ANSYS for their support and for your hints. Regards,


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