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kein May 19, 2005 14:09

plot: pressure-time
Hello everybody!

I am working on a twophase flow in a horizontal pipe and I'm having this problem: i have to create a plot:pressure-time (my simulation is transient)and everytime i am trying to make it, the programm doesn't seem to react, i mean it's doing like it's thinking but i don't get any results... i have to mention that i have already created a polyline, so as to have a locator, but it didn't bring much.what could be wrong?(the rest is ok!)

thanks in advance

Rui May 19, 2005 14:48

Re: plot: pressure-time

If you want to create a plot pressure-time in CFX Post, you have to select the Chart tab, and chose the Type: Time. Then you have 2 options: 1- You may chose the Method: Point, and chose a variable. CFX-Post will plot the time evolution of the variable at the point you selected. 2- If you chose the Method: Expression, you have to type an expression, or an expression name, and CFX-Post will plot the time evolution of that expression. Note that by doing this, the plot will only include time instants available in CFX-Post. You also have the option of creating monitor points when you define the problem in CFX-Pre, and then you may export the results from CFX-Solver which include all the timesteps.

In CFX-Post you cannot create a transient plot over a polyline (this would be a 3D plot). The only way to do this is to export the results from CFX-Post at different time instants, and use Excel or Matlab, for example, for ceating the plot.

Hope this helps. Regards,


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