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brian May 26, 2005 08:52

help please for fortran!!!
hi! i would like to use the g95 or gfortran compiler (ones of the few free ones)to compile a fortran subroutine on Windows. But i don't know how to modify the cfx5mkext.ccl? thanks a lot

Juan Carlos May 26, 2005 09:20

Re: help please for fortran!!!

Even if you modify the cfx5mkext.ccl file to obtain a shared library, are you sure that g95/gfortran produce code compatible with the CFX solver executable?. CFX-5.7.1 requires CVF 6.5 as far as I recall.

cl = C compiler executable fc = Fortran compiler executable, like g95 link = linker executable

Then, there are a series of flags to pick up header (cpp include directive) files, threads functionality, shared library output, etc..

Hope it helps, Juan Carlos

PS. I recall that g77 had problems linking with pgf on Linux, in particular I/O functionality.. Are you ready to deal with that kind of obscure errors later?

brian May 27, 2005 05:09

Re: help please for fortran!!!
thanks for your help I 'm aware of the problem of g77 on linux: no double precision possible and no I /O. I guess (but I hope no:)) i will have the same problem with gfortran or g95 on windows but for the moment i'm not really ready to buy CVF (600$ It'a a ltitle expensive). and i would like to use a routine fortran before to invest in this software. To do this i need much information. i wonder if sb has already succeed in this??? or if sb has useful knowledge?? thanks

Jeff May 31, 2005 21:35

Re: help please for fortran!!!

Your dll generated from cfx5mkext has to link with the cfx solver library. This library is compiled with CVF. I haven't found anything else that is binary compatible with this library, including Intel Fortran. The DLL's simply have to be compiled with CVF or they won't link with the cfx object library.


brian June 1, 2005 05:36

Re: help please for fortran!!!
OK , thanks for your help. i guessed the Intel compiler would work because it's rather near to the compaq one but it won't. What a shame no other compiler worked!

thanks everyone

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