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KKA June 2, 2005 00:25

Hi guys

My CFX5 post does not export enough data points any time I export file. Do any one has an idea why? Please don't tell me that I used "cut" and not "sample". Because I've done that and it does work. Even the "cut" export less points than "sample" if large sample number is specified. At a location, even if I specified 1000 sample points, it'll only export 8 points. I seriously need help on this , if any one has solution please drop me lines!!

Rui June 2, 2005 12:38


Which version of CFX are you using? CFX-5.7?If so, in which format are you exporting the data? .csv, .dat or .txt?

But you may try this: In the <big>Formatting</big> tab, check the <big>Include Nodes With Undefined Variable</big> box and chose the option <big>null</big>. Export the data and see if there are points with the "value" <big>null</big>.



Robin June 2, 2005 23:36

Did you select your plane in the export dialog?

Roy June 5, 2005 22:00


I also has this problem when I export the data. I create a line on the boundary and wish to extract 1000 samples along the line but Post only give me 20 data when I use the export function.

Is that sth related to my mesh density? Will the length of the line matter in this case?

Anyone that know the answer please kindly clarify for me..... Thanks.

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