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Korsh Mik June 3, 2005 10:22

Does CFX uses SSE2?
Dear Sirs,

I've seen "intel_p4.sse2_winnt5.1" in out file on one P4 computer and "intel_pentium_winnt5.1" on another one.

Does these architecture signatures mean that on the first computer SSE2 is used, while in second one - not used?

Why it could be possible? CPU are P4 2.4GHz on the 1st comp, and P4 3.0GHz on the 2nd.

Thnk you!

Rui June 3, 2005 10:39

Re: Does CFX uses SSE2?

I just can tell you that, in my PC, the .out file created by CFX-5.6 contains "intel_p4_winnt5.0", while the .out file created by CFX-5.7.1 contains "intel_p4.sse2_winnt5.0".

But I don't know the reason, and I even don't know what SSE2 means.



Neale June 5, 2005 19:29

Re: Does CFX uses SSE2?
CFX attempts to detect your hardware to aid in selecting a correct solver executable. That is why it prints the that string to the output file.

CFX however, does not use SSE. So, don't worry about it.

SSE stands for "Streaming SIMD Execution" I think. It's a special execution mode for floating point calculations which Intel implemented into the pentium 3 and later CPUs.


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