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carl June 3, 2005 16:58

CFX solver command

1ST QUESTION: This may be a simple question but I need any advise. I am running a Rotating Frame of Ref problem with heat transfer, everything goes fine until I do mesh refinement or ask for DOUBLE PRECISION... I run out of memory, (I am already using 1.4x an I have tried higher...) then the question is where (in the online manuals) can I find the proper commands to increase the allocated memory in order to send the definition file to a more powerfull machine we have?... I have already the script file, but I will need to 'ask' for more memory stacks (integer and real). 2ND QUESTION: I am getting RMS errors of about 2e-3 and RMS peak of 2E-2 in the above type problem (that's why I made mesh refinement)... Does anyone know any paper/book that deals with convergence issues in rotating frames problems?

Sorry if they're too miserable questions... I am still new in this.

Best regards

Robin June 3, 2005 20:31

Re: CFX solver command
Hi Carl,

Read the warning carefully. If the solver cannot allocate enough memory, then you might want to reduce the amount of memory it is trying to allocate. Try a memory factor of 0.9 instead, or better still, run it in parallel.

Regards, Robin

Carl June 4, 2005 03:01

Re: CFX solver command
Thanks for the advise, I definitively do not know enough about this... since I increased the cells number I thought more allocation was required... but it is the reverse. It is running now Robin, thanks very much.... I got antoher error but I think I can sort it out... (ERROR #002100004 has occurred in subroutine Out_Scales_Flu...) it did not stop the solution... Thanks.

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