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GaryWang June 6, 2005 05:04

water flowing in a container
Hi guy: I want to simulate the following problem: a top-open box contains water which occupies 1/3 volume of container. This box will rotate between -45 ~ 45 degree. The bottom of this box has several baffles to improve mixing efficiency. I want to use ICEM CFD 5.1 as a mesher and CFX 5.7.1 as a solver. But I do not know where to statr with. 1. Should I create two bodies 'water" and 'air' in ICEM ? or only one body is sufficient and identify them in domain setting. 2. Which type of grid is better? Tetra or Hex? 3. Which kind of BC should I assign to the box? left, right, front and back sides are wall; top is opening or sym. 4. Where can I input the parameters to describe this rotation? From domain or BC.



Glenn Horrocks June 6, 2005 18:52

Re: water flowing in a container
Hi Gary,

1) No, create one body covering both air and water domains. 2) A good quality hybrid grid (tet+prisms) is pretty much the same as a good quality hex grid. Use which ever is easier to mesh your domain with. 3) Box should be walls, top probably an opening. 4) You could probably describe this motion with either rotating frame of reference or deforming grid. RFR is probably easier, but I am not 100% sure it can be done that way.

Regards, Glenn

GaryWang June 6, 2005 20:25

Re: water flowing in a container
In CFDRC ACE, I can identify the zones of water and air by a plane or vector to describe the initially relative situation. But in CFX, when water and air assigned to one domain at the same time, how to identify them? Volume fraction or other parameters?

Glenn Horrocks June 7, 2005 18:32

Re: water flowing in a container

Yes, setting the volume fraction is the way to set the initial fluid level. Generate some form of function (CEL expression, interpolation or user fortran) which defines the initial volume fraction at every node.

Glenn Horrocks

Andrea June 29, 2005 09:26

Re: water flowing in a container
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