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Sun June 8, 2005 09:54

Build a pipe with different layers
Dear Colleagues

I am trying to simulate the heat transfer process in an insulated pipe. The pipe is used to transfer a hot water (85'C) between two points (100 m) and the outlet wall temperature is fixed at 10'C. The inner and outlet diameter for pipe are 50/60 mm while the insulator has 65 mm outlet diameter. Thermal conductivities for pipe and insulator are 35 and 2 kW/m.K.

I have used CFX 5.5 to build my case. However, I found it quite difficult to build a pipe with different layer.

Any help will be appreciated!

Note; I am a new user

Best Regards


Xu June 9, 2005 07:50

Same problem

I have faced the same problem that I want to draw a pipe in CFX-Build???


Glenn Horrocks June 9, 2005 18:33

Re: Same problem

Firstly, your version of CFX is very old. I recommend you update to the current version. Much nicer to use, much easier.

There are examples which describe the generation of multi-domain meshes in CFX-Build. Give them a try.

Glenn Horrocks

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