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Ben June 9, 2005 04:45

Finite pitch angle gap could not be found

I am trying to simulate a stage of a multistage pump (in CFX-5.7) by using transient rotor/stator- interfaces. In the same simulation i am using the MovingMesh- feature. This should be possible if i choose appropriate locations for the interfaces. I located the interfaces as far away from moving walls as i can and defined them as stationary. even though i am faced with the following problem. I always get the error message listed:

Finite pitch angle gap could not be found -> Stopped in routine THETA_CONT_FIN

This message does not occur if i define the mesh deformation in all directions as 0 [m]. That means the time- dependend motion of the walls is defined as:

dx(t) = 0 [m],dy(t) = 0 [m],dz(t) = 0 [m] (specified displacement)

Can anybody help me to solve this problem or explain me what the above listed error message does mean. I would like to know which problem does trigger this Error.

thanks in advance for your help and advices



Glenn Horrocks June 9, 2005 18:29

Re: Finite pitch angle gap could not be found
Hi Ben,

The guys at CFX have done a lot of work on GGI interfaces with moving meshes in the next release, CFX10. It is quite likely that your model will work fine on it. You might want to ask your CFX rep for the beta version of CFX10, or wait until it is officially released.

There have also been considerable bug fixes for GGI interfaces and moving mesh in CFX 5.7.1 and service pack 1. These area available now for download from ANSYS. I recommend you patch your version up to CFX 5.7.1 SP1.

Regards, Glenn

Ben June 16, 2005 01:43

Re: Finite pitch angle gap could not be found
Hi Glenn,

thanks for your advices. i am going to ask my CFX representative for a beta release of the new CFX-10.

Regards, Ben

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