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Tuhin Rakshit June 16, 2005 10:00

interfacing a fluid solver with abaqus

I am working on an FSI problem (flow past a circular cylinder). The tools I am using are the fluid solver Acusolve and the structural solver Abaqus. The fluid solver computes the forces on the body. Abaqus does the structural dynamics.

The issue - I have written a udf on the fluid solver side to compute the force on the body. I have written a user element on the Abaqus side for the structural dynamics. Now I have to create an interface between the two softwares, so that at each time step, the fluid solver passes the force values to Abaqus which does the structural part and feeds the motion of the body back to the fluid solver for the next time step.

Any ideas on this one? Please explain in as detail as possible.

Thanks tuhin

Glenn Horrocks June 16, 2005 18:16

Re: interfacing a fluid solver with abaqus

The normal way of doing this is using MPCCI. I assume Abaqus supports this, CFX definitely does. This allows you to couple a CFD code with an FEA code.

Note that CFX and ANSYS can do FSI without MPCCI as they have the coupling built in.

Note that MPCCI is licensed software from another vendor.

Regards, Glenn Horrocks

Bart Prast June 17, 2005 10:34

Re: interfacing a fluid solver with abaqus
We just heard Abaqus/MPCCI/CFX will not work untill end of this quarter

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