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Karlis June 18, 2005 04:53

USER_GETVAR - unresolved!! Help!!!
Hi collegues!

I have a problem with user fortran - when I try to compile code with this function: CHARACTER*120 o o = 'XStikls.cvar.Gradient' CALL USER_GETVAR (o,CRESLT,RET(1:II,1:1),CZ,DZ,IZ,RZ) compiler gives me error "unresolved external symbol _USER_GETVAR@40" Why??

I have installed CompaqVisualFortran6.5.0.

Please give me some advice! Thanks!

Juan Carlos June 18, 2005 12:19

Re: USER_GETVAR - unresolved!! Help!!!
Thanks to the CVF compiler, you are not allowed to link incorrect code to the CFX-Solver..

You argument list is incorrect since you are at least missing the LZ stack.. Check all the arguments and compare to either the User Fortran examples or the documentation.

Good luck, Juan Carlos

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