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Frank June 22, 2005 07:30

Laminar combustion w/CHT
Hello everybody!

Does anybody has any experience in simulating Premixed Laminar combustion in presence of solids (combustion + conjugate heat transfer)?

When i'm simulating combustion without the solid, results show very good agreement about adiabatic flame temperature, but temperature at the walls are not realistic (so the solid has to be simulated).

The presence of a metal sheet should decrease the adiabatic flame temperature: the solid gains heating from the flame.

Boundary conditions are the same in both cases, but results show a higher temperature than the adiabatic one, and the solid is cooler than expected.

I'm using lots of elements at the interfaces and also did some sensibility on refinement so i could say it's not a mesh dependent case...Hexa everywere.

I also check the convergence or better the balance between the interfaces concering convection, conduction and radiation and everything seems ok...

Any ideas/suggestion?

Thanks in advance

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