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Aziz June 24, 2005 04:47

Automatic post processing of Transient simulation

I have been trying to do some post processing calculation for my transient simulation. I have done this per hand very often but now i want it to be automatic so that i can use it for optimization process.

My query is:

I want to calculate the total energy at the inlet and outlet of the nozzle which is time dependent. I used to write density, pressure and velocity at the inlet and outlet by exporting the values from chart in CFX-Post and than in Excel i did further calculation to find the nozzle efficiency in transient flow.

Any one know how can you use command editor in CFX-Post to store and calculate the sum of energy over time.

Just for reference the equations are like that:

Efficiency = Numerator / Denomenator

Numerator = Sum((Pressure * Velocity * Area)@outlet*DeltaT)+Sum((0.5*density*Area*Velocit y^3)@outlet

Denomerator = should be same as Numerator but calcualted for inlet



Rui June 24, 2005 12:34

Re: Automatic post processing of Transient simulat

Can't you do that with CEL expressions?

What does Sum mean? Summation over the area, or over the time?What does DeltaT mean? Does T stand dor time or for temperature?


TB June 24, 2005 14:37

Re: Automatic post processing of Transient simulat
Refer to CEL user manual and then use PERL language for the programming syntax under command editor. It's pretty simple (I only spend one week to learn PERL and I can automate basically anything in Post now). There're quite some free references about PERL programming on Google.


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