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Fabian June 24, 2005 05:37

write transient data of plane

I would like to write out data from a LES, but just a certain plane for a special variable. Somehow I am just able to select boundaries or the whole domain.

Does anybody can give me a hint, how to do this?

Best Greetings! Fabian

Glenn Horrocks June 26, 2005 18:56

Re: write transient data of plane

You can do this easily in CFX-Post. If you are trying to do this in the solver then you will need to put some boundary condition there. If you split the mesh and insert a 1 to 1 domain interface that should do the trick.

At this stage there is no way of doing what you request in the solver at arbitrary planes.

Glenn Horrocks

Fabian June 27, 2005 02:38

Re: write transient data of plane
Hi Glenn,

thanks. Doing it in post would take to much space, so the interface is my option. Do you know if this has any effect to the calculation?

Greetings! Fabian

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