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Fabian June 24, 2005 09:02

moving camera

I have some more CFX difficulties. Is it possible to create an animation with a moving camera along a certain line, e.g. along a streamline, with a fixed or variable view direction? And one more question. It is possible to devide the viewer in several zones, which is nice, but am I able to display different variables in the different images or is it just for different views?

I would be glad, if anybody has some kind of tip.

Best Greetings! Fabian

Fabian June 27, 2005 13:09

Re: moving camera

I play around with some session files and found something to set the camera:

CAMERA:CameraToYminustest Option = Pivot Point and Quaternion Pivot Point = 280, 62.5, 75 Scale = 0.00178571 Pan = 0, 0 Rotation Quaternion = 0.0 , -1, 1, 0 END VIEWER: VIEWER Camera Mode = User Specified User Camera = CameraToYminustest END

Maybe, anybody knows where I can find some explanation for the options (Pivot Point, Scale, Rotation Quaternion)!? I get confused esp. with the 'rotation quaternion' setting and couldn't find anything in the manual :(

If I figure out those settings, then it would be possible to make a simple moving camera.

Greetings! Fabian

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