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David June 25, 2005 02:43

CFX4 mesh from ICEM HEXA
Can anybody tell me how to output 3D regions to a geo file when you use HEXA?

Myron June 27, 2005 09:02

Re: CFX4 mesh from ICEM HEXA
CFX-4 requires the structured, multiblock mesh. From Hexa you need to write the multiblock volume mesh - rather than unstructured. It will write a "multiblock" file, plus one domain file for each block in the topology. When you convert to CFX-4 via the Output menu, you'll select all the domains for conversion.

David June 27, 2005 18:35

Re: CFX4 mesh from ICEM HEXA
Thanks but I already had a structured mesh!!! The issue was outputing 3D subdomians. I found out by trial and error that if you create an Assembly (under parts) covering the blocks of interest this appears as a volume region in the CFX4 output tab and all works correctly.

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