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RK June 25, 2005 06:12

Hi ALL/Anybody...

I have a very simple geometry (cylinder in a box) but tring to solve a biological problem...

I created the mesh for this geometry from Build for CFX4 (build is no longer available for me). I have 8 SCALAR VARIABLES, and when I write these variables into file only one of these variables causes some concern. The values for this one SCAL variable at periodic nodal points drops dramatically. There is no pattern as such where the values drop but it drops only in groups of 11 nodes at a time. Given that the time step is 1.0E-06s (with total simulation time to be 5.0E-06) I do not expect such drops (equates to 21% drop). Thus this seems to be related to meshing of the system...but then again can anyone explain as to why only one variable has been affected!

Many thanks,


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