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Juan June 27, 2005 08:10

Advection term
Hi everybody.

I making a simulation of a simple flow at low reynolds number and I would like to know if it's possible to get rid of the advection term in the NS equation (i.e. the left-hand side)? (Just for checking something) Is there an option for that in CFX 5.7.1??

Thanks Juan

Robin June 27, 2005 16:20

Re: Advection term
You can solve an additional variable with diffusion only. Is this what you need?


Juan June 28, 2005 03:55

Re: Advection term
Yes. But I don't know how to do it, and is it the only way to do that?

Rui June 28, 2005 13:48

Re: Advection term

If you have access to the CFX-Community forum, take a look at:

I think you have to define a Transport Equation for the additional variable on the Domain window in CFX-Pre. Then you have to edit the .def file and overwrite the option Transport Equation with Diffusive Transport Equation or Poisson Equation. But these options are not in the documentation, so perhaps you should contact CFX support and ask them what they exactly mean.



Juan June 29, 2005 03:54

Re: Advection term
Ok, thank you. I'll try that. Regards, Juan

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