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Rajan July 5, 2005 00:04

Fortran Compiler in AIX O.S
Hello Everybody, I need a help in linking the user fortran routines to the solver in AIX operating system. What are the changes to be made in the following starting lines of a user fortran program to create a shared library in AIX(IBM) o.S(compiler:xlf)?

#include "cfx5ext.h" dllexport(user_source) SUBROUTINE USER_SOURCE ( & NLOC,NRET,NARG,RET,ARGS,CRESLT,CZ,DZ,IZ,LZ,RZ) ' ' ' ' ' cfx5ext.h file macro seems to include external name only on Windows NT by creating .dll file.What is the macro for AIX operating system and what changes are neccessary to compile the program.

Thanks in Advance Regards Rajan

Juan Carlos July 5, 2005 02:58

Re: Fortran Compiler in AIX O.S
Dear Rajan,

You have not described your problem with your user fortran.. You should have named your fortran source code something like name_I_like.F .. The capital F extension is important for the compiler to understand the #include directives.

Then, run the cfx5mkext command similar to

cfx5mkext name_I_like.F -name library_name_as_in_CCL

This command should have invoked the xlf compiler and created a library named library_name_as_in_CCL.a under the aix directory.

Then just start the cfx5solve command, and you should be on your way..

Have you tried the tutorials involving User Fortran? The HVAC and ValveFSI tutorials come to mind..

Good luck, Juan Carlos

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