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Tuks July 5, 2005 01:55

Variable value with time - from SOLVER FILE
Hi friends,

I want to export the variable value (say concen of a reacting species) w.r.t time, from the CFX SOLVER, after run is completed. I tried to export the result file, variables w.r.t time step in the FIELD VIEW format, but i am not able to copyout the variable values from the *.fv file. Does anybody know about it OR know about, 1) How to export any variable w.r.t time in unsteady problem, From SOLVER.? If possible in text format. 2) Is there any option to extract variable values w.r.t time from unsteadystate results?

Looking for positive insight...

Thank you in advance. Tuks

Rui July 5, 2005 06:10

Re: Variable value with time - from SOLVER FILE

In CFX-5.7.1 Solver, create a New Monitor, right click on it, select Monitor Properties, and chose the variable(s) you want (you may include time).To export the data, right click again on the Monitor and select Export Plot Data. If you want to export in text format, select the File Type as (*.dat,*txt), and <u>on the File Name box you have to delect the extention csv and type txt or dat</u>.

Hope this helps. Regards,


Tuks July 6, 2005 07:04

Re: Variable value with time - from SOLVER FILE
Dear Rui, Thanks for your information I have tried with it and it worked. Thanks again for valuable suggestions but in the export file the results are stored w.r.t time step i.e. for every iterations in each timestep and it is hectic to sort out the values of variables at final iteration of each timestep.. EASE THERE ANY MEANS TO PLOT VARIABLES v/s TIME and NOT TIMESTEP?

with regards Tuks

Rui July 6, 2005 08:40

Re: Variable value with time - from SOLVER FILE

I suppose you're using CFX-5.7. Go to the Workspace menu, Workspace properties, Global Plot Settings, and <u>uncheck the Plot Coefficient Loop Data box</u> to have the variables only at the final iteration of each timestep (this is the default option in CFX-5.7.1)To plot the variables vs time, on the same Global Setting tab, select <u>Plot Data by: Simulation Time</u>

To include time in the list of variables to plot and to export:In Monitor Properties, Plot Lines, open the Time tree (in CFX-5.6) or the Timestep tree (in CFX-5.7) than check the Time box.



Tuks July 11, 2005 05:49

Re: Variable value with time - from SOLVER FILE
Hi Rui,

Thank you for your valuable suggestions. My problem is solved..

Thanks a lot and i am looking for further help. I hope you will give me +ve response next onwards also.

bye Tuks

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