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Ali July 10, 2005 05:54

CFx & Excel

I'm simulating a flow in gab between two plates (the flow is horizontally) and I need to validate my results for velocity profiles at different distances.

I draw a line in this gab vertically and then transfer data to Excel by using export option. I select the range of data to be at 30 points and I repeated 10 times. When I opened the exported files the data stored was vary from 30 points or less and even at wall the velocity had a magnitude which should be zeros.

Why did I get such verities?


Rui July 11, 2005 10:29

Re: CFx & Excel

Are the 2 plates parallel?

When you create a Line you have to specify 2 points. When you export results at this Line, CFX will only export results which lie inside the domain. If one or both of the points which define the Line are located outside the domain, CFX will export less than 30 points.But try this: In the Export window, Formatting tab, check the Include Nodes With Undefined Variable and select the option null. I believe you'll see 30 points, but some instead of the variable(s) value(s) will show null

About the velocities at the walls being non zero, do you know the difference between Hybrid and Conservative Values? If you donīt, take a look at CFX-5.7.1 documentation: CFX-Post, Post Workspace, page 29 "Hybrid and Conservative Variable Values"

Hope this helps. Regards,


Ali July 12, 2005 08:22

Re: CFx & Excel

Thanks I will check it


REIS July 20, 2005 13:26

Re: CFx & Excel
Which its model? Which the initial conditions , conditions of contour, timestep?

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