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Kramer July 13, 2005 05:22

GGI Interface Frozen Rotor
Hi everyone,

i am running a simulation with two domains, one fixed and one rotating. The Interface is an GGI with Frozen Rotor. Since we would like to decrease the number of nodes in the non-rotating domain as much as possible we want to know which ratio delivers still good results. For example : a part of the rotating surface contains 40 nodes and the according non-rotating surface part should have at least 4, 10, 20... nodes? Thanks in advance

Robin July 13, 2005 13:03

Re: GGI Interface Frozen Rotor
Hi Kramer,

It doesn't matter. Use as many nodes as the physics requires in the domain, don't worry about the ratio of nodes across the interface. Just try and keep the pitch ration between 0.9 and 1.1. Also be aware that the clocking of the components may have an effect (due to the theta location of the wake). You can clock it to different positions by specifying an angular offset at the interface.

Regards, Robin

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