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Aashi171185 January 28, 2019 21:24

Earthquake time history in CFX
Hey hello to every one i want to ask that is there any way to input acceleration vs time data in cfx as load e.g
acceleration vs time
0.2g at 1 sec
0.24g at 2 sec
0.3g at 3 sec
0.12g at 4 sec
and so on

urosgrivc January 29, 2019 01:45

Yes, this can be easily done with user functions:

type: "user function" in the search above or google, it has been talked about a lot of times.
I have personally written it about 4 times already.

[slide 11 ;) but do watch the whole video] ->

Aashi171185 January 29, 2019 19:02

Thanks sir
Thanks for your kind response God bless you :)

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