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Beno July 13, 2005 14:08

how to use fluid fluid interface

I am having problems with seting up a simulation with a rotating difussor. The geometry is simple stationary cylinder and at the end of it a rotating diffusor. I created two meshes and imported them into cfx. Between the meshes there is a fluid fluid interface. If I use Stzage as the interface model I get the following error:

" ERROR #555000001 has occurred in subroutine SRF_CORRECT.


GGI intersection error: The theta extent is too small on

Domain Interface: FFinterfejs

Please examine your domain interface and look for the following:

1) surface with more than 360 degrees of revolution

2) surface intersects R=0

3) surface has faces normal AND parallel to the rotation axis

Change Transformation Type to None instead of Automatic in the

solver command file if any of the 3 situations apply. "

What does that mean? Can I even use stage model?

Should the type of the domain interface be fluid fluid or interface?

If the type periodic what does rotation or translation actually mean?

Thx in advance!

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