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amsys February 11, 2019 09:19

Creating a CFX Simulation using a MATLAB Interface

Currently I am trying to create a user-friendly system where I can control CFX using MATLAB. The aim is to create a MATLAB script to read the input files (iges,stl) for CFX and then to mesh and setup boundary conditions with minimal user interaction before the script initiates the simulation and gives the result files. I have researched this a lot online and found no real direction on how to do this except with Fluent or Mechanical.

Would be great if someone could give some direction or even better is willing to share some code.

My simulations are internal flows so flows through pipes.


Opaque February 11, 2019 09:57

Have you ever used the "Record Session/Stop Recording/Play Session" features?

You can record your steps through CFX-Pre from loading the mesh, setting up physics, write the definition file, and submit the run (from within CFX-Pre).

Once you have recorded the session, you can play it from within CFX-Pre, or from the command line (in batch mode).

You can edit the session (plain text file), and learn how the session file works and customize it as you see to fit your needs.

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