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tyw7 February 18, 2019 13:25

Angle of attack
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I was trying to simulate an angle of attack, but the flow line looks dodgy.

I use the cartesian velocity components.

I am assuming u v w corresponds to the XYZ components?

ghorrocks February 18, 2019 17:23

I have no idea what that image is showing. Please explain what the image is showing.

tyw7 February 18, 2019 17:25

Flow of air over the wing. I am trying to do an angle of attack of 10 deg. So I put in a x component and a z component. And it threw out something weird as shown.

What's the correct way to do it?

ghorrocks February 18, 2019 17:29

What does your domain look like? Where are the boundary conditions?

tyw7 February 18, 2019 17:34

Domain is a box around a "wing". Inlet in front, outlet at the back.

Wing is free slip, wall is symmetry. Inlet is inlet, outlet is outlet.

y 19.8717
z -3.50393

y is the normal, x is tangential, z is upward.

ghorrocks February 18, 2019 17:37

The problem appears to be your top and bottom boundaries are too close to the airfoil. You need to make it bigger.

tyw7 February 18, 2019 17:39

I thought so too. Is there a way to simulate it as if it's flying through the air? My instructor says setting it as symmetric is better than free slip.

In theory, should my setup work (assuming larger box) to simulate an AOA?

Also, what should the streamline look like if I have a bigger box?

ghorrocks February 18, 2019 19:33

You should look in the literature to see what other people do. That can be both the published articles and a google search. That is always the starting point for a new project.

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