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jack August 8, 2005 13:29

import iges file to icem
Hi, everyone;

I am a newer, when I imported <.iges > file to Icemcfd, error message appeared as" child killed : segmentation violation". Anyone can help me for that, thanks in advance!!!


Glenn Horrocks August 8, 2005 18:40

Re: import iges file to icem

Is it a big model? You may have run out of memory. Alternately, try using a different format (STEP, ACIS etc).

Glenn Horrocks

Tina August 16, 2005 23:53

I encounterd same prob. in Linux
Hi, 1. I encountered the same problem in Linux (CentOS 3.5), but it's ok in windows 2000. 2. It will show " child killed : segmentation violation" even it's a small iges file. note: the other function of icemcfd are good in linux.

Does anybody has same experience as me?

Tina September 3, 2005 06:05

I know what's wrong now!
Just update the ICEM_CFD to sp1 then it's ok now!

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