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Soon August 12, 2005 10:09

2D Jet Flow

Hope someone could give me some ideas on this.

I was trying to simulate a 2D jet flow inside cavity across a hole to an opening boundary. I expected the jet flow support to be axisymmetry but which the Post giving me result where the jet flow to sideway when exit from the hole.

My Boundary Condition is, Wall - for all cavity and hole wall Opening -for all boundary condition after the hole

Is this because of the Mesh or another issues?

Really apreciate for your help and thanks

indrajit August 14, 2005 03:49

Re: 2D Jet Flow
Hi Soon !

one of the cause may be mesh because if the mesh it not symmeytric how it can create symmetric result.


Robin August 16, 2005 11:46

Re: 2D Jet Flow
An asymmetric mesh can still produce a symmetric solution if the mesh is fine enough. However, it sounds like you have a jet between two walls, for which the solution is not necessarily symmetric. If the walls are close enough, the jet will not stay in the middle, but rather will pull to one side or the other (or back and forth).

Regards, Robin

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