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serj August 16, 2005 14:57

imbalances oscillations
dear all

i'm currently running an air flow simulation in a cavity, and, as it seems to converge, variables such as total temperature or imbalances (energy, Pmass)keep on oscillating, even after 600 iterations. is the problem coming from my timescale, or from the mesh? any suggestions? thanks

Indrajit August 17, 2005 08:43

Re: imbalances oscillations
can u plz tell me what is ur average flow mach no and what mesh size u have used , what is ur maximum domian length.

serj August 17, 2005 14:58

Re: imbalances oscillations
my average flow mach no is 0.3, i used an average tetra mesh size of 0.04 in for un domain length of 0.4 in.

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