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Matthias August 17, 2005 10:40

Probems with Darcy
Im trying to build a system with an aniostropic porous media. (CFX 5.6)

Problem 1: Is it possible to enter in the domain options a formula for directional momentum sources such as (nx x Cx)+(ny x Cy)+(nz x Cz) (n = normal vector, C = source constant) Problem 2: The solver resets the residual to 1e-10. But with this residual the solver doesnt even calculate 10 timesteps.

Glenn Horrocks August 17, 2005 18:29

Re: Probems with Darcy

I thought I was reading a Jane Austin novel for a bit there.

I am not sure what source models 5.6 had, I have not used that version for many years. If the residual is 1e-10 then are you sure your fluid is even moving?

Glenn Horrocks

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