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Santhosh August 19, 2005 11:08

Tangential velocity

Need some help on swirling flow through an elbow diffuser. I wanted to plot and export the tangential velocity at a plane. I am using CFX-5.7.1. I have tried two methods which have both be taken from the CFX community site. 1)writing an expression tanVel = (-Velocity u*y+Velocity v*x)/max(sqrt(x^2+y^2),1e-8[m]) 2)As Robin had mentioned, "use the Turbo menu and select "Modify Rotation Axis" and specify your rotation axis. Post will then calculate cylindrical coordinates and velocity components about this axis."

Both the methods give me the same contour plots, but it doesnot match with velcoity vectors plots projected tangentially on the same plane. Areas of high swirl that are visble on the vectors plots donot match with that of the contour plots.

Can someone tell me how to plot the tangential velcoity or why this problem arises, how importatnt is the CSYS in this regard?

Regards, Santhosh

Santhosh August 20, 2005 06:53

Re: Tangential velocity
Sorry, mistake was at my end, the orgin in the CAD model was at the wrong place, hence it kept giving wrong values.


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