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Joe September 1, 2005 18:14

Windows Batch Question
I would like to submit a batch job for multiple cfx5 runs. I have read the threads on this, but am unable to run.

Before running the batch file I wanted to test it out for a single run on the command line. I modified the path to include the bin directory. When I issue: cfx5solve -batch -def filename.def I get the response tha cfx5solve is not a recognized command.

Any idea what I am missing?

Thanks Joe

Glenn Horrocks September 1, 2005 18:44

Re: Windows Batch Question

You don't need the -batch option. Use cfx5solve -def file.def. Also, if you use the command line generated from the launcher it already knows the path to the CFX executables so you don't need to modify the path to find the CFX executables.

Glenn Horrocks

test September 2, 2005 00:30

Re: Windows Batch Question

If you have modified the path to the bim folder the command should be executed as:


instead of just


Also as indictaed you need not use "-batch"

Regards, test

Joe September 6, 2005 14:22

Re: Windows Batch Question
Thanks for the help.

At a windows command prompt I typed in the command as suggested. cfx starts, but exits with error after less than a minute. A .out file is written that contains the following:

The CFX-5 solver has terminated without writing a results file. Command on host joe2k2 exited with return code 0.

The c++ debuger mentions something about solver-pvm.exe. Any idea what corrections are needed? Is there any documentation on the error codes.

Thanks Joe

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