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ggbaby September 5, 2005 00:30

help about Icemcfd installation error.
I am trying to install icemcfd version 5.1 or 10. But I met some problem in installation. When I try to install it in a computer, a error message occured.

Error -1610 The configuration data for this product is corrupt. Contact yur support pernel..

But I can install it in other computer.

And another question is concerning about the IGES file import. When I import a IGES file in 5.1, Everything is ok. But if I import the same Iges file to 10. one edge is wrong and a hole happened. I though the 5.1 have patch this error of IGES file automatically, but the 10 didn't did it for me..???


test September 6, 2005 07:55

Re: help about Icemcfd installation error.

Not sure what could be the reason, but we got over the same issue by copying the contents of ICEM installation CD on the hard disk on one of the machines and using this saved files for the installation or the other machine.

You can probably compare the system configurations of the machine which works with the one on which you have a problem.

Regards, test

ggbaby September 6, 2005 08:55

Re: help about Icemcfd installation error.
I installed icemcfd5.1 and icemcfd 10.0beta. After the release of 10.0, I try to install 10.0 and delete the 5.1 and 10.0. And I deleted all the information related to the icemcfd in registry. And I use the same CD in different computer, One is Ok and the other one failed.... Why? Who can give me a solution?

bigears October 19, 2005 16:29

Re: help about Icemcfd installation error.
This is a known bug, and M/S supply the fix, at:

bigears October 19, 2005 16:32

Re: help about Icemcfd installation error.
You may also want to read this article form Installshield, since they blame M/S for the problem!

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