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Paul Lewis September 10, 2005 11:37

Total Temperature in a Rotating Frame
Hi Everyone,

I've noticed in the rotating frame of my simulation the total temperature in some places is less than the temperature at the same point. I would expect the solver to calculate To = T + V^2 / 2Cp, and therefore To > T (total temp greater than static temp).

The problem doesn't occur in the stationary frame of my simulation, has anyone seen anything similar before? I'm using CFX 5.7



Neale September 14, 2005 14:47

Re: Total Temperature in a Rotating Frame
"Total Temperature" is based on Rothalpy. Your formula is not correct. It should be To = T + 0.5*(V_rel^2-V_spin^2)/Cp. This can be less than static Temperature if V_spin is large. See the documentation on "Rotating Frame Quantities" in the Solver Theory Manual for more info.

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