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Mikhail September 28, 2005 13:52

Cluster run without master node
I have 6 machines and 1 control-oriented computer. Is it possible to start parallel cfx run from master node that is excluded from claster culculation?

Glenn Horrocks September 28, 2005 18:38

Re: Cluster run without master node

No. But you can give the master node a very small partition size so it only has a small computational load. I think you will find this will not be optimum, however. I bet you will find the optimum to be with partitions sized purely on the relative speed of the machines.

Glenn Horrocks

Mikhail September 28, 2005 23:10

Re: Cluster run without master node
In this case i must have additional license for 7th machines.

longbow September 29, 2005 08:16

Re: Cluster run without master node
The new release of CFX provides an "indirect start method" for user to execute a run on remote or batch queuing system. You may find this helpful depending on your cluster configuration. However, considering the size of your cluster, you may just want to login computing node and start job over there. Certainly, this becomes ugly once your cluster has a lot of users and nodes.

Robin September 29, 2005 08:58

Re: Cluster run without master node
You can always launch the job on one of the six systems and monitor and control it from the 7th. The Solver Manageronly requires read/write access to the temporary run directory.

For command line options, enter 'cfx5solve -help'.

Regards, Robin

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