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Rafael October 4, 2005 19:26

heat transfer in solid and fluid domain
I am consern if the CFX is capable to simulate an exemple. I have a pipe that its surface has a shell with a large schedule considerable. Than inside of the pipe I got a flow of water passing throuw with 250 K(temperature) at the inlet. In the other side of the pipe there are an environment with air domain at 1500 K. I would like to know if it is possible to see how the temperature behavies throw the pipes wall(shell), to know the temperature at the inside surface of the pipe and to know the the temperature at the outlet of the pipe basd on heat transfer in the water

Glenn Horrocks October 5, 2005 18:29

Re: heat transfer in solid and fluid domain

I don't quite understand what you are modelling, but I think it should be possible. You will probably need to model heat transfer in the solid pipe as well. These are known as conjugate heat transfer simulations (CHT). There is an example CHT simulation in the CFX tutorials.

Regards, Glenn Horrocks

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