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mehul October 16, 2005 04:48

transient analysis of silencer using cfx.
Hi 2 everybody.I am doing a transient analysis of a reactive silencer.I have done transient analysis but in post i am getting same results at each time step.what may be raeson.Inlet is given as pressure varying sinusodialy(because at inlet of silencer lob compressors are kept to fill flow into silencer) and at outlet ihave given velocity 22 m/sec.Now it may be possible that back presure is possible due to sinusodial nature,but i have adjusted it.i.e. avg presure for sinusodial inlet is kept 3.5 bar ,so no problem of back flow.Is this prob is related to time step.I have used time step of 0.002 sec.becasue compressor rotating with w=410 rpm,so 1/w=time.solver doesnot give any error.only all parameters are same at each time step.can anybody help me. Thanking you in advance.

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