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falling_stone October 17, 2005 04:07

Workbench/ICEM meshing problem
Hi, I'm trying to model water cooler for the semiconductor chip and face some problems while meshing. The geometry consists of relatively thin details (PCB, and die itself) as well as enclosure, which is much bigger. First I tried to create a mesh with Wokrbench, but always received a messages about sliver faces or "mesh resolution is not high enough...". Then I switched to ICEM but there also was unsuccessful meanwhile. The most strange thing to me as a novice in ICEM is that it generates in some places strange defective cells of the mesh, not corelated with the geometry. It happens even in the enclosure regions, where the mesh is coarse. Is there a way to avoid it? Is there some automatic approach for mesh generation in such a case (not dealing with blocking)? (I tried to define mesh parameters by part but this sometimes lead to memory lack (more than 1.6G) and it does not resolve the problem of defective cells). Thanks a lot, F.S.

Glenn Horrocks October 17, 2005 18:58

Re: Workbench/ICEM meshing problem

In workbench try using virtual surfaces. This may help the sliver surfaces.

You almost certainly can mesh your geometry in ICEM as it is a very powerful and flexible package. The other side of that power is it is not as user-friendly as Workbench and requires a bit of experience to get good results from. I recommend you do the tutorials provided with ICEM and consider doing a ICEM training course.

Glenn Horrocks

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