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cmete October 18, 2005 16:46

amd athlon64 cpu and cfx 5.7.1 solver
I want to know that cfx 5.7.1 solver is how much convenient and efficient with amd athlon64 3000+,1800MHz,640kb cache box,socket 939 cpu? In addition, can I use cfx 5.7.1 with Windowsxp 64bit edition? best regards...

Young Seok, Kang October 19, 2005 02:52

Re: amd athlon64 cpu and cfx 5.7.1 solver
I'm using the same CPU with yours. So far, I have not faced any problems with this CPU on windows xp. It takes neary one day to solve a problem with approximately one million grids which consist of both structured and unstructured grids.

I think the convenience problem depends on how much physical memory you're using and what is your os.

You can use cfx 5.7.1 with windows xp 64 bit edtion. But I strongly recommend if you can handle linux, use 64 bit linux such as redhat enterprise. Is windows xp released? I heard windows xp is still under beta testing.

best regards

cmete October 19, 2005 05:47

Re: amd athlon64 cpu and cfx 5.7.1 solver
I did not install cfx yet, so that I have no any experience about it but I wondered it for any efficiency diffrences between intel p4 and athlon64 cpu.

I am using 1GB physical memory that was not enough for other cfd software sometimes.

I think the 64 bit computing should be so fast than the 32 bit computing. if can I use 32 bit windows and 64 bit linux together on the same computer , I would try 64 bit linux in cfd applications.

And thanks for your response.

best regards.

Neale October 20, 2005 22:16

Re: amd athlon64 cpu and cfx 5.7.1 solver
64 bit vs. 32 bit has no performance impact. It only gives you larger memory addressability. 5.7.1 is only 32 bit software so you will still be limited to ~ 2.7 GB on 64 bit linux and 1.7 GB on Windows.

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