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Young Seok, Kang October 19, 2005 02:44

Memory problems in Tascflow 2.12

I'm still using CFX Tascflow v.2.12 for numerical simulations. I'm now trying to solve a problem with 3,800,000 grids but Tascflow fails to launch because of a memory problem.

Computer is using AMD Athlom MP 2400+ x 2 (Dual CPUs) with 4GB memory. Opertaing system is Redhat Linux 8.0(Tascflow doesn't launch with a message of 'segment fault' on a Higher OS version). I think there's no problem in occupying phisical memory space. Is it a limit due to using 32bit version OS? I think tascflow can not allocate neccessary memory even though phsical memory is sufficeintly large.

Any one have any ideas?

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