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DaveG October 22, 2005 16:24

More Rotating reference frame problems
Thanks for the help last time, Gab.

Hitting my head on a wall here, for some reason CFX doesn't like my geometry. Here's the error:

ERROR #999100159 has occurred in subroutine SET_ZONE_PITCH. Message:

The determined pitch angles in the domain FLUID differ more than the allowed tolerance: First pitch angle: ******** degrees Second pitch angle: 360.000 degrees Allowed tolerance: 360.000 degrees

I've had a few successful rotating ref runs, but this new geometry is causing problems. I'm modeling the entire rotating frame, no periodicity. The mesh is high quality, and I have a sizeable hole in the centre. Basically it's just a rectangular block on a rod (ie, the hole) rotating in a large block of symmetry plane bound water.

Has anyone encountered this before? I've tried specifying the ratio, same error. I've tried specifying the pitch angle, I get a "possible zero radius" error then. I've enlarged the hole to no avail. My rotation axis is in the exact centre of an axisymmetric cylinder.

Any insights would be greatly appreciated!


Gab October 24, 2005 10:18

Re: More Rotating reference frame problems
Hi, Dave

Did you set the Frame Change option to 'automatic'? If so, you can change to 'none'. I assume that no pitch occurs in your problem.



DaveG October 26, 2005 16:47

Re: More Rotating reference frame problems
It works! Thanks again, Gab.

I guess I misunderstood the Frame Change option.

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