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mehul October 31, 2005 07:56

hex mesh using cfx mesh.
Hi to all, i am using cfx 10.Earlier i have used cfx 5.6.I want to know is it possible to hex mesh using Ansys cfx 10 .If yes then how to do it? I know that in cfx 5.6 in patran mesh we can do it.But in cfx 10 mesh i do not know.i have to do FSI .so,I have to do flow analysis and i have to transfer that results (on surface) to ansys so that strucrural anlysis can be done.Pls also tell me that tet mesh will be suitable or not.Because i have tried by tet emesh andgot reults now i am thinking that hex will be suitable.iI want to know that whenever flow problems are done how much hex and tete mes hresults differ? pls reply me. Thaks

rajit December 1, 2005 01:41

Re: hex mesh using cfx mesh.
No unfortunately up till today CFX cannot create hex is better if you can create HEX mesh in some other software and then use it for FSI.

if you flow is turbulent i would suggest go for tetrahedral elements because it reduces the numerical dispersion error.

thanks rajit

mehul December 6, 2005 11:43

Re: hex mesh using cfx mesh.
ok sir,thanx.but can u twll me what is numerical dispersion error.Is it related with stabilty?

rajit December 12, 2005 23:06

Re: hex mesh using cfx mesh.
Rather than me explaining it.It would be a good practice for you to read it for yourself.I think CFX-book has got the information regarding this..

Thanks Rajit

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