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Piyapong November 16, 2005 15:47

Can CFX-10 deal with ICE ?
Hello Can any one guide me to use CFX for simulate the air flow in cylinder as it's in intake and compression stroke? thank you.

Glenn Horrocks November 16, 2005 17:35

Re: Can CFX-10 deal with ICE ?

I've done it, and there is no way I can describe it in a forum like this. All I can say is become an experienced user of ICEM and CFX. Make sure you have each of the required features under control one at a time (moving mesh, compressible flow, valve motions, etc) and validate thoroughly before even considering a full model.

Glenn Horrocks

Piyapong November 17, 2005 07:52

Re: Can CFX-10 deal with ICE ?
Thank for your kind. Can I have your suggestion to set condition about compression stroke. I've modeled my piston, valve and cylinder. But I don't have idea to set the valve to completely close. It's always has a flow through a gap. Piyapong.

you can suggest me by e-mail :

palomar April 7, 2010 17:37

Icing accreation using CFX
Hi all,

I have similar problem,
I can resume my experience with icing that you need to define supercooledwater dropletes in air as multiphase multiflow domain using Eulrien model / lagrangian in addition to turbulance model like SST or k-e.

The main difficulty is how to introduce water to CFX or Fluent as suppercooled droplets or as ice to calculate the quantity of ice to be accreated, and how to deal with changing geomety (mesh moving) every time a new layer of ice is formed?

We wish that someone can help us in that particular obstacle...

Good Luck

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