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Sally November 18, 2005 04:53

Backup & Restart problem
I'm pretty new to CFX. Just try some runs on 5.7.1 & 10.

I notice that there's a backup option in the solver. When I backup the files at step 600, it will generate a file 600.bak. I should be able to restart the simulation at step 600 if my computer crashes for some reasons, right?

If so, how to restart the solver using command line?

Thank you for help here.

Sally November 18, 2005 05:04

Re: Backup & Restart problem
I'm using command like cfx5solve -def a.def

If I want to "restart" a.def at step 600, am I going to use the same command?

Any difference if I wish to "restart" the run in parallel solver?

Jeff November 18, 2005 11:06

Re: Backup & Restart problem

If you have a backup file, say 600.bak, just rename it to something like a600.res, and use that on the command line instead of a.def.

cp a_001.dir/600.bak a600.res cfx5solve -def a600.res

if your are running in parallel, there are several options that have to go on the command line.

use cfx5sovle -help to see what all these options are, there are some examples at the end of the help listing for running parallel as well.

Hope this helps, Jeff

matej November 19, 2005 06:26

Re: Backup & Restart problem

just few more easy thinks in command line you might find usefull:

a) cfx5solve -def case.def -ini case.res can be used to use case.res as initial to new run (like you've changed something in case.def

b) cfx5solve -def case.def -ini case.res -interp-iv will do the same, but for different meshes for old results and new mesh

c) cfx5cmds - very usefull command to change some settings to def or res files.


Sally November 19, 2005 13:44

Thank you.
Thank you very much... You guys are really helpful.

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