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David November 24, 2005 05:47

SST model Autometic wall function parameters?
Hi, all

I construct an empty fluid domain(there is not any objects in the domain, just a rectangular box) to check whether the boundary conditions of my case are appropriate. I define the experimental mean velocity, the TKE and the epsilon profiles for the inlet(the mean velocity profile is silimar to a log curve), outflow for the outlet, smooth wall for the floor and symmetry for others. SST model is employed. When the solutions is converged, I compare the outlet profiles(velocity, TKE, Epsilon) with the pedefined inlet ones, I fine the outlet quantities deviate from the predefined inlet ones much. This is unacceptable obviously for the inflow B.C. could not self-sustained in the computational domain.

I think it relates with the wall setting of the Automatic wall function of SST model. SO I want to ask where could I find the guide of the wall function parameters and how to set the roughness of the wall in the SST model?

Thanks! David

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